ITT Tech Selling Out Students

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Higher Ed Not Debt SEIU

Students Deceived by ITT Tech Deserve a Full Refund

ITT Tech promises students an “Education for the Future” but delivers high debt and uncertain job prospects. ITT Tech spends more of your tuition dollars advertising than teaching, and they pay their CEO $3 million per year. They focus more on profit than your success.

Now, the federal government is suing ITT Tech, and 13 states are investigating the school for lying to students and breaking the law. It’s time that ITT stop enrolling new students and the Department of Education provide refunds to students who were deceived.

Tell the Department of Education to hold ITT Tech accountable and to stop selling out students!

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64% of ITT Tech students are expected to default on their private loans.

ITT Tech gets 96% of its revenue from the Federal Government.

ITT Tech told their recuiters to "get to the pain of each and every prospective student" using aggressive tactics to guilt students into enrolling.

ITT Tech is under investigation by 13 states attorneys general for lying to students.

"The corporations that own these colleges often seem to care more about dollar signs than diplomas."
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray

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